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Brain Tumour Australia – Links
Links to Brain Tumour Information Sites

The following pages provide links to various national and international sites which may have relevance to those travelling the brain tumour journey. does not endorse or recommend any treatment, product or service advice that may be offered, the links are provided for convenience only.

Some of the following fact sheets or books are available to download as a PDF file.

Brain Tumour & Cancer Organizations

NSW Cancer Council NSW  –
NSW Cancer Council NSW – Brain Tumour specific site –
NSW Cancer Institute NSW –
VIC The Cancer Council Victoria –
QLD Cancer Council QLD –
WA Cancer Council West Australia –
TAS Cancer Council Tasmania –
SA Cancer Council SA –

Cancer Council Northern Territory –

USA Al Musella's Virtual Trials –
USA American Brain Tumor Association –
USA Cedars-Sinai Hospital – One of the world’s pre-eminent neurosurgical centers for brain Cedars-Sinai Neurosurgical Institute
USA Children's Brain Tumor Foundation –
USA National Cancer Institute (USA) –

Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital – For information of Integrative medicine (Alternative/Complementary therapies)

Canada Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada –
UK Backup – vast source of Information on cancer 

Information, Books & Factsheets

NSW NSW Cancer Council booklet Understanding Brain Tumours

Victorian Council – Information on Brain & Spinal Tumours

USA American Brain Tumour Association – an invaluable brain tumor resource A Primer of Brain Tumours – It can be read on-line or printed.
USA Clinical Trials and Noteworthy Treatments for Brain Tumours (USA) – 48 pages Brain Tumour Guide 

Trials, Treatment & Symptoms
USA Radiation Necrosis
USA Temozolomide Information

UK The British Brain and Spine Organisation – for resources

For Kids

National Canteen
Canteen – Offspring program
A national peer support program for those aged between 12-24 years [with either a sibling or a primary carer diagnosed with cancer] to share experiences, have fun, offer resources & promote understanding & well being


Sometimes Your Head
Al Musella's Virtual Trials – Sometimes your Head - book for Children
USA American Brain Tumor Foundation – American Brain Tumour Foundation - Kids
USA Cancer Characters for kids
USA Kids Cope – Chemo shark for kids
USA Neuro Science For Kids
Neuroscience for Kids - Learn about the brain and how it functions

UK Captain Chemo – Capt Chemo for kids